Dogs can be like kids, with their toys, food bowls and beds really cluttering up the home you’ve fought so hard to make perfect. The average pet store doesn’t really take into account your aesthetic; they have seemingly-endless aisles full of brightly colored pet products with MEOW or paw prints all over them. So how do you make your fur baby comfortable without sacrificing sophistication? Never fear; here are five of the best pet products we love with a designer-approved touch.

1. Island Dog Design’s Beds and Mats

These dog mats are both eco-friendly and comfortable, but they’re also neutrally-colored. They even have one with a Beatles quote for the music lover, and would look perfect in a hipster chic apartment with exposed brick and original hardwoods.

2. Frontgate Monogrammed Pet Beds

For the more pampered pooch, there are also monogrammed pet beds from Frontgate that come in a range of sizes and colors to match your décor.

3. Carlisle Canvas Food Trunk Station

Call us crazy, but this is a pretty amazing operation. First of all, it doesn’t look at all like pet bowls; secondly, you can store the food inside the trunk so it’s hidden in plain sight! We love the look of the trunk for any historic homes with big open windows and four-poster beds (for the humans, of course).

4. Deluxe Seedling Cat Tree House

Though it comes with a substantial price tag, this cat tree house is second to none. Your cat will feel its animal instincts come alive as he climbs a tree and pretends he’s in the wild outdoors, and your guests will probably just think it’s a ficus. Everyone wins! No more ugly scratch posts for you, kitty.

5. Dog Crate End Table

If you need a place to keep Spike safe while you’re away (or at night), then this pet enclosure is perfect. He’ll be comfortable and you won’t be trying to hide an ugly plastic dog crate when people come over. Put a monogrammed dog bed in there and you’re in business!