Fashion and Interior Design are both having a “mixed pattern” moment. But how do you avoid looking too retro (remember your grandmother’s floral wallpaper, window treatments and bedspread?) and keep it fresh?

Here are a few tips for mixing patterns in your home:

Choose one common color

To avoid your room looking too busy and uncoordinated, choose one common color in your patterns (or two colors in the same family). If you’ve chosen a bright yellow pattern as a focal point of the room, make sure other patterns are this or a similar hue.

Vary your sizes

Have you seen mixed patterns look overwhelming? It’s probably because the patterns are similar sizes. In order to keep it streamlined, choose one small pattern and then choose a larger pattern to put next to it. For example, if your upholstered headboard has a small check pattern, choose a large lattice or ikat print for your throw pillows. If you area rug is a small chevron pattern, choose a larger floral pattern of a similar color for your upholstered chairs.

Look for inspiration

Is there anything more fun than looking at amazing rooms and décor inspiration? Not much! But when you see pictures that tickle your fancy, stop to see what you like about it. Is it the way in

which the room is arranged? Is it the colors? Is it the furniture? Try to find common threads in the photos you love. It can help you decide how you’d like to update your own space.

Play with textures

To keep the look upscale, explore different textures. Throw a faux sheepskin rug over a striped chair. Try throw pillows with embroidery or sequins. Buy a jute area rug to add interest in an otherwise soft room.

Start small

If you’re still worried about how to mix patterns, start small. The easiest way to mix patterns is to experiment with throw pillows and blankets. Update your space with these smaller pieces until you’re ready to take a bigger leap with duvet covers, chairs or window treatments.