Hey there beauties! My name is Kelly Harrold and I’m the creative powerhouse behind the blog Paper Meets Pearl! For each Tuesday in the month of November, I’ll be taking over Pink Verbena’s Instagram account to showcase my favorite home décor trends. (Don’t miss any of the fun, inspiration and Lowcountry Luxe– start following Pink Verbena here!)

I wanted to kick off my first installment of #TakeOverTuesday with a glamorous bang! I had the distinct privilege of visiting one of Charleston, South Carolina’s newests names in luxury lodging.

The Spectator Hotel beautifully combines mid-century design and gothic features that play off each other’s dark and light colors. It’s a design lover’s dream!

A BIG trend we’ve been noticing is a push towards metallic items and dark colors contrasted against bright whites – and I don’t see that trend going anywhere! The Spectator did a fantastic job continuing the trend with gilded mirrors in geometric patterns (another big trend right now!), gold metallic lamps, and rich black walls that make everything pop. One of my favorite classic designs is black and white with pops of metallic so I was going crazy over their décor!

FullSizeRender (1)

One of my favorite pieces from the hotel was their bar cart. Bar carts are excellent centerpieces for any living or dining room, plus they look fantastic for parties! Spectator decorated theirs with a “Mod” style beverage dispenser and gilded cups holding paper straws. You can do the same in your own by placing bottles of liquor or wine on the bottom shelf and displaying your favorite dainty wine, martini, and tumblers on the top. If you’re not  a fan of alcohol, you can simply switch out the bottles of alcohol for sweet homemade sodas and dispense a refreshing fruit and herb infused water (hello strawberry and basil!).


Another favorite of mine for any house is a large painting. We’ve seen gallery walls make a huge comeback over the past few years but I’m starting to see a trend head towards placing one HUGE painting instead of many little paintings. I love the painting Spectator chose to place behind their white chairs, it really makes the space look alive and vibrant. If you’re looking at doing something similar, make sure to pick a wall that can accommodate a large piece and make sure there’s space between the ceiling and floor. Big pieces look great on a wall but they’re even better if there’s some white space surrounding the piece. That way you don’t totally dominate a wall and lose your space.


The Spectator Hotel was an absolute dream for those who love interior design (and a good cocktail!).  Each room was designed with luxury in mind and they certainly didn’t skimp on the details! Inside every room you’ll find artisanal goods from local Charleston artists, you certainly don’t see that in every hotel! There were many ideas that you too can implement in your own home. If you’re looking to add a little of that Lowcountry Luxe and glitz to your home consider purchasing a gorgeous golden lamp or a faux sheepskin rug to throw by your bed or in front of your couch. Little details like this can instantly glam up your space – affordably.
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