If you’ve been paying even the slightest bit of attention to design trends this past year, you’ll have noticed that colorful furniture is having a HUGE moment right now – and I’m definitely not complaining! Colorful furniture is perfect for homeowners that love easy,  slightly bold, expressive design that exudes warmth in any living space. I stopped into one of my favorite stores, Charleston Revisions, to see which pieces can easily compliment your home!

One of the best ways to draw folks into a room is with the clever use of color. Now, I’m not saying to go throw neon paint over everything! But if you incorporate color in key areas of a room, you’ll create a beautifully inviting environment for you and your house guests. Below, I take you step-by-step over my favorite design tips.

Red, Red Find

One way to bring color into your home is by featuring one piece as the focal point. I’m loving this bold, red dresser topped with graphic, black and white lamps. It immediately attracts your eye but doesn’t overwhelm the room. That’s due in part to the minimalist décor pieces flanking it. If you choose to incorporate such a bold piece into your space, keep other key items like your sofa, art, and accents in softer hues. (For more on using neutrals around your home, click here.)IMG_2686 (1)

Mix, Match…GO!

Another way to add a li’l pop to your favorite room is by trying your hand at mixing patterns. (We’ve got you covered here, too–check out our previous blog post here.) I know mixing colors and patterns makes most people run for the hills, but, don’t be afraid! In this next photo, pay close attention to the rear wall. Charleston Revisions did an excellent job overlaying two different graphic prints. This “Mixed Media” inspired approach would look fantastic in any room used for entertaining, i.e.: a dining or living room.  If you’re still not sure about mixing patterns and color, you’re not alone! Alternative: try taking a graphic print and mounting it against a white wall. Create a sleek, modern effect by using an invisible frame.  Wanna take this look to the next level, increase the glam factor by hanging your artwork it in a metallic frame of your liking.


Follow the Herd on this Trend

As you may have noticed on Instagram earlier today, I’ve got this thing with synthetic animal throws – especially now that it’s a bit chillier in Charleston! Faux sheepskin throws are incredibly soft and comfortable. These textiles can be used to dress up any piece of furniture. I love draping mine across my work chair for comfort and a touch of “chic”. Another way use this Wild Style is by placing your throw on the floor at your bedside. Who wouldn’t like their first, early morning footsteps to be on something so warm and cozy.


Be sure and make Charleston Revisions your first stop before you do a Room Re-Do! The owner is incredibly helpful is there to help you choose the perfect items to compliment your home.  For those who are more partial to classic design, Charleston Revisions also offers delightful mid-century/modern décor pieces. Whatever your tastes, this Charleston gem will help us adults color outside the lines…just a bit. IMG_2687