Getting Our House in Order

Get in and get dirty. That’s my motto when it comes to tackling at-home D.I.Y. projects. Having recently moved, my list of home projects just went from zero to one hundred. (How crazy is that?) The great thing is, however, now I have a clean slate to work with and tons of inspiration from Pinterest that can now become a reality.

Up first: Organizing my linen closet.


With tons of Pins serving as my muse, a firm budget and a closet as my blank canvas, I opted to start my D.I.Y. journey at my neighborhood low-cost variety store. I had a vision of using inexpensive storage bins. So I thought…Metallic Storage Bins!! Here’s how it all went down…

What You’ll Need:

  • Protective Gloves
  • Respirator Mask
  • A Tarp or Project Blanket
  • Plastic Bins
  • Metallic Spray Paint (Preferably a 2-in-1 Paint and Primer)

(For a complete list of safety items and tools to have on hand before you D.I.Y., click here.)


The Process

First, I found the perfect crafting area —My screened in porch! It’s well ventilated, has a large flat surface and I had no bugs harassing me! Then, I laid my brand new bins out on a project blanket, removing all of the retailer’s price tags along the way. After taking off the tags, I proceeded to spray the first coat of primer as suggested by a hardware store associate (I wasn’t going to buy primer). I let that dry for about 10minutes then repeated that process. Here is where the fun begins I was able to spray my first coat of paint. Their is nothing like the anticipation that comes when doing projects. Just waiting to see how it will come out. After the first coat it didn’t look like much as you can see below…



So I flipped them over and went to town on the next side giving each one a good couples of coats in one spray.  Below you will see they were starting to grasp the spray and have a little metallic shine to them. However it wasn’t fully coated…


The Pay-Off

Not only were they not fully coated but I was running out of spray paint, YIKES! So, I jumped in my car and headed to my neighborhood big box retailer and ran straight to the Home Improvement aisle. I grabbed this guy pictured below…NH5

This brand, Rust-Oleum American Accents in Metallic Bright Silver, worked best! After one coat I was jumping for joy at what my eyes beheld. What you see below is the result of applying just two coats. As the spray paint bottle says, this brand does a great job bonding to plastic surfaces. So two was good enough for me.


QUICK TIP: If silver is not the hue for you, try using other metallic finishes like bronze, brass, gold and copper (to name only a few). Your options are nearly boundless!

A Place for Everything…

On to organizing and setting up my closet. Most of the bins I purchased had pre-assigned jobs. 4 for hair products like shampoos, conditioners, and moisturizers, 3 for hair tools like my blow dryer, flat irons, and combs.  The remaining 2 were to hold random odds and ends.NH3

Here is a final shot of my organized closest with my shiny, new D.I.Y. metallic home storage bins. What do you think? Leave your comments below!


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