Thanksgiving dinner is the biggest meal most of us will cook all year. If you’re an old pro, you’ve probably got your annual routine down pat, but the rest of us could use a little help from our friends in the tech business. Short on space? Forgot to set the timer? Unwilling to break your healthy-eating streak? Here are five gadgets that will make this your smartest Thanksgiving ever.


The Multi-Tasker

Thanksgiving Day is busy. There’s the Turkey Day Run, your friend’s parade-watching party, and now you’ve got to pick up Grandma from the airport. Too bad you can’t adjust the temp on that sweet potato casserole from afar. Or can you? The Crock-Pot Smart Slow Cooker allows you to monitor your slow cooker dish even when you’re not even home. Power it on, adjust the temp, or switch to warming mode all while you’re out running that last-minute errand. Who knew it was possible for Crock-Pots to be even more convenient?SmartCrock


The Absentminded Chef

Worried about burning or undercooking the bird? Check out the iDevices Kitchen Thermometer. This Bluetooth-enabled thermometer will let you know the moment your turkey reaches the perfect temperature.SmartThermo



The Stickler for Numbers

That drawer full of measuring cups and spoons is about to become obsolete. Everyone knows exact measurements are important when baking. That’s where the Taylor Digital Scale with Measuring Cup comes in. This digital device automatically converts flour, sugar, milk, water, and oil from ounces to cups for better accuracy.  3890hero_detail



The “No Cheat Days Ever!” Dieter

Yes, it is possible to stick to your healthy eating habits and enjoy a delicious Thanksgiving meal. The Orange Chef Co. Prep Pad is a smart food scale that connects you with real-time nutritional data about the food you’re prepping. Combined with the Countertop app for iPad, the Prep Pad helps you adjust ingredients and portion sizes to meet your dietary needs and goals.WilliamSonoma



The Small-Space Dweller

It’s fun to see what ambitious people can do with tiny living spaces these days, but when it comes to cooking, there’s not much to work with. The Anova Precision Cooker is perfect for whipping up a smaller Thanksgiving dinner (or just a couple of dishes to take to a potluck). Using this device, a pot of water, and some plastic bags, you can cook the perfect turkey breast in any living space.percision


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