Yes, we love Etsy as much as the next gal, but this trend has been overdone. We’re ready to retire it.

Empty foyers

Why would you neglect the place where people enter your home? Adding a bold paint color, a great gallery wall of family photos, or simply an accent table and mirror is the perfect way to spice up your entryway.

Wall decals

This trend had its day in the sun, especially for conscientious renters who wanted to alter their space without painting. But honestly, it’s lost its whimsy and we’re ready to say sayonara!


Mixed patterns

This is firmly entrenched in our “trends we love” column. There are so many ways to create a depth to your décor through mixed patterns and any style can incorporate it.


home decor trends pink verbena mixed patterns

Guest-centric details

When people visit your home, you want it to feel like their own. We love décor that goes above & beyond to make guests feel welcomed. Some ideas: a stocked coffee bar, plush robes in the guest bathroom and a sitting area for reading, relaxing or watching TV in the guest room.

guest details home decor coffee bar

White walls

These have been popular for a few years, but we’re still loving them. White doesn’t mean bland, of course. We love art pieces for pops of color, as well as upholstered ottomans (which is a great DIY project), bold curtains and fun accent rugs.

white wall home decor trend

Nature’s bounty

From stag heads to bottlebrush squirrels to wood plank wallpaper, we love that the masculine look of the woods has come indoors.