I love decorating for Christmas, and my excitement generally begins when you start seeing holiday references in magazines and catalogs when getting inspiration for your home.  Last year I was going through Crate & Barrel’s catalog with all of the holiday decorations when I came across the cutest way to cover the ugly tree stand, that isn’t a tree skirt: a tree stand collar.

Being on a budget, I wasn’t going to pay $68 for their tree collar, but decided we could make our own for way less… like $50 less.  I found a metal tub at our local hardware store, and was off to the races to make my own!

Metal Christmas Tree Collar

Getting Started

What you’ll need:

  • 15 gallon galvanized steel tub
  • Jig saw with metal cutting blade
  • Headphones
  • Sandpaper (120 grit)

Once you have the right tools this doesn’t take a long time or a lot of effort to finish.  The Crate & Barrel tree collar is basically just a big metal tub with the bottom removed, and turned upside down over the tree stand.

Get “Jiggy” With It! (bad jigsaw joke)

If you don’t have a jig saw, they’re only $30 at Lowe’s and a kit of multi-purpose blades is $10.  Hunter was pretty pumped to have a reason to buy another tool for his collection, and we have ended up using this tool a lot with random projects, so it’s worth the buy.  Otherwise, just borrow from a friend!

Start by putting a metal cutting blade into the jig saw and then cut around the perimeter of the bottom of the tub.  I recommend wearing headphones for this part, because it’s quite loud.

xmastree1 (1)

The safety on the jig saw left about an inch around the base of the tub which works for us.  The edges can still be pretty sharp, so we sanded them down a little to prevent cutting ourselves on them when watering the tree.  Put your new tree collar over the tree stand, and now you’re ready for the tree!


Finishing Up

Once you have your tree secured in the tree stand, I always cut a few of the lower branches off, so they clear the tree collar (and my cat Cleo doesn’t eat them).  I ended up wrapping some burlap around the tree collar, and then presents slowly surround it.





xmas 2015_02

Not a bad way to get a designer look for 1/4 the cost!  Plus I love the variety from the traditional tree skirt.  What do you cover the base of your tree with?

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