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While occupying a booth at a local small business block party here in Charleston, we stumbled across the most unique creations from local artist, Alison Brynn Ross. It’s called, Wire Taxidermy. We recently were able to catch up with Alison and asked her to share her story behind her one of a kind pieces.


Q: How did you get your start as an artist?

A: Well, to start my background is in graphic design. I realized very early on that I am not meant to be in a cubicle, I enjoy design work but my passion lies in illustration and art.



Q: How did your Wire Taxidermy work come about?

A: Wire taxidermy was born of a life long love of nature and figuring out a way to extend that creatively beyond 2 dimensions. I didn’t expect it to have the impact on people that it does. It’s really a wonderful thing to be able to make something that people can look at with wonder. People don’t light up when they look at much these days, but when they see the menagerie, it’s like they turn into children for just a moment. They start naming the animals and ducking around to see them from different perspectives.



Q: The names for each design are simply charming. Where did that idea come from?

A: Each animal is individually named. They are each so different they have their own personalities. I have to give a shout out to my husband, Dave, who not only names each of them, but also cuts the mounts and mounts the animals. He helps with every aspect, from picking animals to twist to helping me fix wonky faces. He is insanely supportive and there is no way I could do any of it without him.



Q: How do you make each design?
A: The pieces themselves are made mainly with 18 gauge galvanized steel wire, and twisted with a pair of spring loaded needle nose pliers (I think they are for jewelry making). I have also started including some colored aluminum art wire and larger gauges to create much bigger pieces. The animals on woods are all mounted on reclaimed wood from several local sources. Two woodworking companies have been really amazing to me, Sawdust Wood Co. and Charleston Woodworks, both save me scraps from bigger projects that would otherwise go to dumps or burn piles.
Q: Do you create custom items?

A: Commissions are also a big part of what I do. Everything from pets and college mascots to characters (recently, the little prince and his fox) and even a motorcycle this Christmas. So, I certainly invite people to reach out, no idea is off limits.


Ross Raven

Q: Where can Charleston area residents find your art on display?
A: My artwork is currently at The Junction Kitchen & Provisions in Park Circle, and the McClellanville Arts Council Gallery. Beginning this January, I am also very excited to be a part of the 4th Wall in Avondale.

Also, I will be one of the local artists set up in the Gaillard Center as a part of the Southeastern Wildlife Expo (SEWE) 2016. Truly, unbelievably, honored to have been invited to participate.



Q: Where can folks find you on social media?
A: People can follow along on instagram/twitter/dribble @AlisonBrynnRoss or on Facebook @ABRDesigns.

Alison Brynn Ross