A brand new year represents a blank slate to many people. This is the perfect opportunity to hit refreshon your home maintenance. Taking the time now to schedule yearly maintenance tasks will help you feel more organized throughout the year. Pro Tip: break out a blank calendar and pencil in the following chores to keep yourself accountable.


-Check safety features like smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and fire extinguishers.

-Take a peek at your disaster preparedness kit and replenish any supplies that may have been used. Dont have one? This is the perfect time to stock up and plan.

-Be thoughtful about taking down holiday decorations. Decorating will be a cinch next holiday season if you take the time to organize as you put away seasonal decor.

-Sort through closets and cabinets and do a fresh-start purge. Donate or trash any unused/unwanted items, then clean your storage spaces and reorganize kept items.


-Check plumbing for leaks or clogs.

-Take a look at weather stripping on windows and doors to make sure they are free from air leaks.

-While youre checking the windows, give them a good cleaning along with any window treatments.

-Plan your spring garden!


-Daylight Savings is the perfect time to change smoke detector batteries. Get in the habit of doing so twice a year when you change the clocks.

-Start spring cleaning projects! Its a great time to give kitchens and baths a deep cleaning. If you have carpets, this is also a good time to have them steam cleaned.

-Schedule your biannual HVAC inspection and maintenance. Take care of any issues before the weather turns too hot.


Check window screens for holes or rips and give them a good cleaning.

-If you have a wood-burning fireplace, clean and close up the chimney for the spring and summer.

-Clear gutters of any debris like leaves, twigs, moss, and bird nests.

-If you have a pool, perform pool maintenance and get it ready to enjoy this summer.


Once pollen stops falling, pressure wash your homes exterior, porches, walkways, and driveway.

-Inspect the newly cleaned exterior for any necessary repairs like peeling or cracked siding. This is a great time to repaint!

-If you have a wood deck, pressure wash or scrub it down, sand any rough spots, and reseal the wood.

-Clean up outdoor furniture and get ready for summer entertaining.

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-Check your disaster preparedness kit again and restock as needed.

-Prep for hurricane season.

-Treat yard for mosquitoes and fleas.


-Before leaving on summer vacation, check all door and window locks.

-Check safety features like smoke detectors and fire extinguishers to make sure theyre in working order.


-Check HVAC refrigerant levels. Your air conditioning unit has been working hard all summer, so it might need a recharge.

-Ceiling fans have probably been working hard too, so make sure to give them a good cleaning and inspect them for issues.

-Give the roof a once over and fix or replace loose or damaged shingles.


-Schedule HVAC inspection and maintenance for fall before the rush begins. Scheduling early means youll get your pick of available appointments.

-If you have a chimney, have it inspected for blockage and cleaned to get ready for autumn fires.

-Complete outdoor DIY projects you might have started before the weather turns cold.

-Perform pool-closing maintenance and cover it for the fall if you choose to do so.


-Check weather stripping on windows and doors. Caulk any air leaks that could let in moisture or cold air. This is a minor task that can potentially save big bucks!

-You shouldnt need to mow the lawn anymore after this month, so this is a good time to clean and inspect lawn maintenance gear before putting it away for the winter.

-Prune bushes and trees of dead limbs.

-Turn off lawn sprinkler system and disconnect water hoses.


-Change the smoke detector batteries when Daylight Savings Time ends this month.

-Clear fallen leaves, moss, and twigs from gutters to prevent blockage.

-Remove debris from the roof as well.

-Rake leaves from the lawn while theyre dry and easy to pick up. Letting them collect and grow soggy can ruin your lawn.

-Check outdoor lighting. Its getting dark earlier, so be sure to change bulbs in exterior lights for safety.


-Holiday cooking can cause buildup in kitchen drains and garbage disposals. Clean the drains and refresh the garbage disposal to keep future problems at bay.

-Clean and store outdoor furniture if you wont be entertaining outdoors for the season.

-Now that the weather is cooler, air leaks might be more noticeable. Check window and door seals once more for gaps, and caulk any you might find.