If you’re from the Lowcountry, you may have heard of her. Affectionately named, “The Charleston Flower Lady”, Medea Duffy is the driving force behind some of the most beautiful floral arrangements around and the founder of, Tint Blooms. Tint Blooms provides a wonderful floral delivery subscription service where you can have gorgeous bouquets sent straight to your doorstep weekly, bi-weekly or monthly —You choose! We caught up with Medea for a brief chat to learn more about her life at home and what inspires her to create her floral art.151016-1010_Tint Blooms

Pink Verbena: How is your personal style reflected in your home?

Medea Duffy: My home decor is eclectic and comfortable with a hint of bohemian and a lot of color pops…Totally my style. But it’s all wrapped up in a traditional two-story brick house which is the opposite of my personal style. It’s like a big surprise opening up the front door…not at all what you’d expect from the seeing exterior.

PV: In what neighborhood of Charleston do you live and why did you choose it?

MD: James Island. When my husband and I made the move to Charleston from DC, we looked at all parts of Charleston. James Island just feels like home. In fact, the island is a lot like my home’s interior, eclectic.1027_Duffy Family

PV: What is most special about Charleston homes to you?

MD: Well of course the history is just WOW! Our home has a touch of that with the [original] wood flooring. The expansive and beautiful porches with their sky blue ceilings are also a Charleston showcase. I love those porches!

PV: How does living in Charleston influence your work?

MD: Charleston is so naturally beautiful and it reminds me to preserve what we have here. Tint collects and reuses our vases and focuses on sourcing our flowers locally to keep Charleston gorgeous and prosperous.141031-JenningsKingPhotography-1008_TintBlooms

PV: What is your favorite home decorating tip?

MD: Well, I am The Charleston Flower Lady. So, I’d say just add flowers. Flowers and plants make a home feel so much more homey and loved. They help bring the outdoors inside. And they’re so darn happy. I always have lots of both in my home. Another part of my decorating strategy is to add color with accents like pillows, throws, rugs, side tables, and other accessories. If I get bored with a color or pattern, I just replace some or all of accent pieces. And, voilà! I have a whole new look without spending a ton of money. I’m like the old lady who lived in a shoe…I have so many pillows I don’t know what to do.150129-JenningsKingPhotography-202_TintBlooms

PV: What’s an interior design rule you always break?

MD: I’m sure that I break tons of color and pattern rules. I like what I like and I really don’t care if it matches perfectly.

PV: What does it mean to be a floral artist?

MD: Just like any occupation, it’s all about loving what you do and using your personal style to make your work exceptional.

PV: Explain your art in 5 words or less.

MD:  Personal, expression, creativity, style and heart.141122-JenningsKingPhotography-4002_TintBlooms

PV: Where is your favorite place to shop for home goods in Charleston?

MD: I have an obsession with vintage. Right now I find myself popping into the Mount Pleasant Mall whenever I get a spare minute. Another cool place with lots of vintage goodness to check out is The Island Bazaar on James Island. If talking new goodies, Celadon is always a sure winner.

PV: What’s the best thing you’ve ever created?

MD: I have to say my three feisty little kids…Wish I could take credit for creating my dogs too, because they are true gems.

PV: What’s unique about opening a business in Charleston?

MD: I don’t know what it’s like to open up a business anywhere else, but the Charleston community is beyond supportive. Did I mention that I love Charleston?!150918-1003_TintBlooms