One way to brighten a space is by adding mirrors to it. Dim lighting is perfect for some occasions but not always suitable in every room. Do you find yourself struggling to see or making shadows at every turn? Are you depressed because a room is just too dark? If you answered yes to these questions, continue reading for tips. Reflective surfaces do a great job of bouncing light around. And don’t be limited by mirror placement on the wall. They’re not just for bathrooms, mantles, and dressers anymore. Below are three examples of ways to incorporate them into the mix.

Mirrors for Light

Chances are, you’re already using a full-length mirror to check your outfit somewhere. But do you have it positioned in such a way so as to capture and reflect the most light? Floor mirrors are great for this purpose in that they can be moved around, placed strategically, and stand unassisted where you put them. Not to mention, they add an interesting design element.

Thin Profile Mirror in Silver From Bed Bath & Beyond

59.5 Inch x 19 Inch Thin Profile Mirror in Silver

Where to get? This mirror is available for purchase here fromĀ Bed Bath & Beyond.

Adding Furniture

Mirrored furniture serves a dual purpose. Seek out storage pieces that offer reflective surfaces such as the 6-drawer dresser featured below. Not only will your room feel instantly brighter but you’re likely to think it appears larger, too. That’s the beauty of using mirrors, in addition to adding light they can make small spaces seem bigger.

Mirrored 6-Drawer Dresser From West Elm

Mirrored 6-Drawer Dresser

Where to get? The dresser pictured above can be found atĀ West Elm.

Using Accent Pieces

Consider accent pieces, too, when it comes to utilizing mirrors in a space. A mirrored picture frame is a perfect example of something small that you might not expect to do the trick. But, that is exactly what is possible when introduced to a room. Not only will this type of decor yield a clean line aesthetic but you’ll be amazed at how much light is produced from such a tiny surface.

5x7 Glass Mirror Frame From Joanne Fabric and Craft Stores

5×7 Glass Mirror Frame

Where to get? This beautiful beaded frame is offered by JoAnn Fabric and Craft Stores.