Spring is upon us and with it comes a desire to spend more time outside. Creating an outdoor living space is one way to do that with the illusion of a room easily defined by patio furniture and yard ornamentation. Charleston is known for its grand homes and lovely gardens but achieving an outdoor oasis of your own is easier than you might think.

An Outdoor Living Space Needs Invisible Walls

The first step in creating an outdoor living space is envisioning walls. The walls will remain invisible, of course, but with the layout firm in your mind’s eye marking the area off with string is a great way to begin. The string serves as a visual reminder of a space you’re trying to fill. Or, you may be working with a hardscape or covered area already defined, in which case you’re halfway there. Once you have the walls in place then the fun begins.

Outdoor Living Space, Pink Verbena, Robin Gibson

Dining and Seating Vignettes

Next up is to determine how you want the outdoor living space to function. Is it a gathering place for family and riends? A spot to relax in the sun? Or do you want the focus of the are to be on food? Perhaps, both? Your answers will define how you choose to furnish the outdoor living space and the types of accessories you will need to accomplish these goals.

Outdoor Living Space, Pink Verbena, Robin Gibson

Focal Points

Just as it would inside a home, a focal point can bring an outdoor living space together. Think of it as a conversation piece or an item that catches the eye and anchors the room. Simple choices to achieve this effect include water fountains, fire pits, and planters such as the ones that are featured below.

Outdoor Living Space, Pink Verbena, Robin GibsonThere you have it. Simple tips for creating functional outdoor living spaces just in time for spring.

(All images courtesy of Robin Gibson)