A loose door hinge can be a real nuisance. Over time and after heavy use, hinges can easily become loose. It happens to, virtually, everyone. Chief cause of this issue: your door may have been installed using screws that were a bit too short. Luckily, it only takes a few steps to repair a loose hinge. Addressing this problem sooner rather than later will pay huge dividends in the future because you are likely to avoid a bigger ordeal like a damaged door frame.

This Simple Fix solution only requires 4 tools or items. A few of which you may already have in your home or toolbox. In fact, this repair is so easy, you won’t even have to remove the door to complete it.

What You’ll Need

1. A stripped screw hole repair kit (Mr. Grip)

2. Phillips screwdriver

3. Scissors

4. Longer Screws

hingerepairgraphicWhat You’ll Need to Do

Step 1. Use your Phillips screwdriver to remove any loose screws in the hinge.

Step 2. Grab your scissors and some of the steel mesh found in your Mr. Grip repair kit. Cut pieces of the steel mesh small enough to fit into the stripped hole(s). Place the mesh, lengthwise, into the hole(s).

via diyhousehelp.com

via diyhousehelp.com

Step 3. Take your screwdriver once more and use it to insert your new, longer screws into the mesh filled holes.

That’s it! Your door should be swingin’ like new!

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