The Charleston area is rich in beauty. Here, we have picturesque beaches, gorgeous historic architecture and you’re likely to be greeted frequently by beautiful, smiling faces if you ever visit us. But, beyond the legendary sites of Charleston, there are scores of local makers who create what can only be described as works of art. The Urban Electric Co. is no exception.



One-of-a-Kind Design

With talented folks like Michael Amato at the “creative helm”, so to speak, the Urban Electric Co. has created pieces unlike any we’ve ever seen. The variety available to prospective customers is so great, there’s sure to be something for everyone. Classic pieces, modern, sleek, bold, a Steampunk aethetic, industrial, European – – – You name it. The variations in design are breathtaking! With nearly 300 fixtures in their portfolio, it’s no wonder how they can cater to so many different needs. So, whether your lighting needs are residential, commercial or even within the hospitality industry, there is an option waiting for you.

The Urban Electric Co. PROMISE

“The Urban Electric Co. prides itself on uncompromising craftsmanship and impeccable service. Each of our fixtures is constructed of the finest materials and is individually bench-crafted to create a product unrivaled in the luxury lighting market.”


The Core of the Urban Electric Co.

The highly sought after lighting fixtures made by the Urban Electric Co. (UEC) are all “bench-made and hand-finished” right here in the South Carolina Lowcountry. It is very important to the company’s founder, Dave Dawson, that he and his team create truly custom pieces for their customers. Keeping the manufacturing process local helps to ensure that. This principled approach underscores the overall value system that exists within this company. The detail in each one-of-a-kind lantern, lamp or pendant is a by product of something larger. We suspect that thing is the UEC’s sense of community and team. Solid core values provides an environment and a culture where a team can create some of the most beautiful objects. That appears to be the case in this instance.


“The Urban Electric Co. is a progressive company that takes pride in providing a positive and creative work environment.

We are fortunate to be headquartered in Charleston, South Carolina, one of the most idyllic settings on the East Coast. Living in Charleston offers the best of city, country, and beach – and allows our employees and their families to enjoy a truly balanced lifestyle.

Our location and our corporate culture attract a wide variety of personalities and backgrounds into the UECo family. Jewelers, sculptors, actors, creatives and many others compose an eclectic and fun team. As well, we take great strength from our collection of races, ages, genders, sexual orientations, political affiliations, and religious beliefs.”

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