The elements can wreak havoc on your concrete porches or walkways. Soil, clay or just everyday wear and tear can all lead to staining. However, a little routine cleaning can go a long way to help you preserve the appearance of your concrete areas.

In this week’s Simple Fix, we help provide you with an easy solution for cleaning these outdoor concrete areas without tons of equipment.

What You’ll Need

1. Garden Hose

2. TSP – PF (Phosphate Free Heavy Duty Cleaner)

3. Utility Bucket

4. Push  Broom
Concrete Cleaning2

Note: When choosing a heavy duty cleaner, be sure to avoid formulas designed for “etching”. Heavy duty cleaners with “etcher” on the labeling are used for removing paint and layers of concrete in preparation for larger projects. You need a detergent designed to clean your surfaces, not strip them.
Getting Started

Prepare your area by, first, taking time to secure your home and plant life. You’ll want to close all windows and doors before you begin cleaning your porch or walkway. Also, spaying down the surrounding plants and shrubs with water help to protect them from any detergent that may spray about.

Remove all furniture and other miscellaneous items from the area that is to be cleaned. Next, take your push broom and be sure to sweep away any excess dirt and debris.

Cleaning is Simple

Start by hosing down the entire area that is to be cleaned. After you’ve read the instructions on the TSP – PF packaging, mix the solution with the appropriate amount of water in your utility bucket. Starting from one end, carefully pour out small amounts of the mixture on to the concrete and use your push broom to work in the solution and scrub stains. Continue this process down the length of your walkway or porch.

Do you have any tips for fellow readers? Any eco-friendly options you’d like to share? Tell us all about it in the comment section below.