Creating the home of your dreams can be quite the experience. But what helps make the journey that much more enjoyable is having great places to shop. Ikea is one of those places. This Swedish wonderland provides us with a shopping experience like no other retailer. Sure, there are 100’s of furniture stores with impressive showrooms all across the country. But, none rival the fun you can have while visiting an Ikea. Follow along as we tour one of favorite retailers and see if what you love about Ikea made our list.File_005 (5)

#1. Ikea is Like A Giant Playhouse for Grownups!

Simply put, shopping at Ikea is so much fun! From the moment you set foot into the doors, you are presented with a map of the showroom and its section, note paper and pencils. Off you go with your tools in hand on, what some may call, a scavenger hunt. Whatever it is you are looking for, your trusty map and helpful associates are their to guide you. The serpentine path around the salesfloor can feel a bit unusual to first time shoppers, but, the bold signage and floor arrows help you navigate.File_000 (47)

File_003 (7)As you make your way around, you’ll see that Ikea has staged each area as if it were a room occupied by an actual person. Different rooms reflect different tastes and needs but these displays stoke your imagination. The bedrooms, bathrooms, office areas and kitchens are set up to with real life customers in mind. Trying out the merchandise is encourage. So don’t be afraid to try that mattress you were eyeing or that couch, for that matter. They even make certain displays look “lived in” intentionally in efforts to appeal to real-life customers.File_001 (13)File_002 (12)

File_000 (39)

#2. Build the Room of Your Dreams on a Budget

Because everything is clearly marked, it’s not hard to realize that many of the items for sale at Ikea are very affordable. Whether you are shopping in preparation for a huge home remodel or just trying to add a little pizzazz to your quaint, studio apartment, Ikea has tons of options for any budget. It’s stunning how far a dollar goes here. In many areas you’ll find a price list which features the cost of, virtually, every item on display in a given space. This helps you budget for your personal needs. Below, the room pictured will be accompanied by the corresponding price list. Check out the value.File_000 (40)

File_003 (10)

File_006 (3)
#3.  Bold European Design in Every Item

Given Ikea’s Swedish roots, you see a distinct colorful, European aesthetic in the design of each piece of furniture and in the accessories. From subtle to striking, there’s something for everyone. Want to have even more fun in Ikea, quiz your friends and family members on how to properly pronounce the names of some of the items. Can you say, “RIKTIG ÖLGA or UTMÄRKT? Neither can we. But, the stuff looks pretty awesome.File_001 (11)File_006 (4)File_004 (12)File_000 (45)

File_001 (10)

File_004 (11)


File_004 (13)
#4.The Café

As you make your way up and down Ikea your path will inevitably lead you to the Ikea Restaurant and Café. Here you get a great opportunity to taste some great Swedish fare. Don’t forget to try those world famous cinnamon rolls…or the meatballs!File_000 (48)
File_003 (9)

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#5. One Tool is the Key

There’s a longstanding joke about how most of the furniture you purchase from Ikea requires only an Allen wrench during assembly. While that’s not completely true, you will need one to put together numerous items from the retailer. From beds, futons and desks, that simple little Allen wrench is crucial! ikeaallenkey

Speaking of assembly, it is important to note that what helps keep costs down on many Ikea items is the fact most of the piece will require you to put them together. As you browse, you’ll notice that the price tags also include an aisle number. This bit of information (that you should be jotting down as you shop) will help you locate you furniture in the self-serve stock shelves. So if you’re planning to bring home large items, make provisions prior to arriving at the store. Coming prepared with a vehicle that can carry bulky furniture items and a few helpful buddies will serve you well in the long run.File_000 (42)

What’s your favorite thing to do or see at your Ikea? Let us know in the comment section below.File_005 (6)

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