We’re back again with another video and blog post featuring the talented Liz Martin of the Charleston Weekender! Here, Liz shows us 3 simple ways to freshen up your living room area using the “3 P’s”. Take a look at the video below to see her work her magic.

Prints. Bold Colorful Prints!

A little color and contrast goes a long way. We love how Liz paired these vibrant throw pillows with her navy couch.
Bold Prints 1

Bold Prints 2

The Midas Touch

You don’t want to over do it with Liz’s next tip. Subtle, brilliant pops of gold punctuate a well put together living room area. Think of them of the perfect jewelry accessories for your little black dress. Try a serving tray or ceramic knick knacks painted with gold detailing.Abby Murphy for Pink Verbena 1

Abby Murphy for Pink Verbena 2

Abby Murphy for Pink Verbena

Decor Au Naturel

Plant life is one of the easiest interior design elements to incorporate into your home’s look. Liz used large potted plants to warm up her living room. Adding plants also has other benefits beyond aesthetics. They also help clean the air and assist with noise control.

…throw in a cute pooch and your room is set!Abby Murphy for Pink Verbena 4

Abby Murphy for Pink Verbena 5

Abby Murphy for Pink Verbena 6

Do you have interesting suggestions on how to breathe new life into your home’s favorite living spaces? Leave them in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!Abby Murphy for Pink Verbena 7

Special thanks to the team at Vive Media for helping us create a great ‘How-To’ video and to Abby Murphy Photography for the fantastic images included in this post

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