If it’s about home enhancement, diy or clever hacks, we’re on board. So when we saw HGTV’s Café Lights post on Facebook, we knew we had to try it out. Cafe lights are a fun addition to any room. This soft lighting element is great when strung along curtain rods, around a mirror or vanity or virtually anywhere in a dorm room. Watch the video below to see how we “remixed” HGTV’s diy by using colored ping pong balls in place of the standard white ones.

Typically you see these lights in white. But, we thought it would be cool to add some color. The list below will show you what you’ll need to pick up to create these lights.

What You’ll Need:

File_000 (70)

We picked up our ping pong balls from Dicks Sporting Goods. However, you can find great value buys online – -That way you can purchase larger quantities and a more competitive price (link is included in the list of items above).

Let’s Get Started

This diy couldn’t get any simpler. Just grab one of your ping pong balls and your crafting knife and cut an “X” into the ball. They’re very thin and easy to puncture so be careful with your blade.File_002 (18)

Each “X” shaped incision creates a perfect opening for the bulbs on your string of lights. So, just use a bit of firm pressure to push each light into each ball.File_001 (17)

File_001 (18)

After you’ve assembled all your lights, you’ll notice that each ball fits securely. You won’t need any adhesive to keep these together. Now you’re all set! Just place and plug in your lights and there you go!File_002 (16)

What do you think of this project? Let us know in the comment section below. Thanks for reading.File_000 (71)