As many of you may have figured out, we love all things Charleston. Additionally, we really enjoy finding local gems and sharing them with you all. So when area home furnishings retailer, Plum Goose opened its doors back in May of 2016, we knew, immediately, that this boutique was something to shout about. Recently, Plum Goose invited us in for a tour of their showroom. We thought it would be a great idea to bring the guys from Vive Media along with us to help capture a glimpse of what we love about this wonderful retailer. Take a look at the video below.

Be Inspired, Be You

Your home is an extension of who you are no matter the size or the type. How you go about decorating it should reflect that. Flipping through magazines or watching your favorite show on HGTV can, at times, leave you with feeling like you couldn’t pull off beautiful looks for your home in “real life”. To that we say, NONSENSE! The most important thing to remember when furnishing a home is it’s more than okay to be inspired by others, but, stay true to you! Find a place, similar to Plum Goose, that offers up a wide variety of styles and aesthetics. Take your time looking around. Pick things up. Walk away for a bit and then come back. When an item truly speaks to you, you’ll know it. Don’t worry about color scheme or if your friends would like it. Choose items that express who you are. You’ll never go wrong with this approach.


Ask For Help

Perhaps, the best thing about shopping in a boutique-type furnishings store is they are staffed by friendly, knowledgeable people. Find a place to shop where folks who are passionate about customer service and the products on the showroom floor work. They’ll not only help you make decisions, they’re also likely to give you additional information on the artists and manufacturers featured in the store. Knowing more about who makes your home goods will benefit you in the long run by informing future choices.

Have Fun!

This is THE most important tip we can offer. A good store can make you feel like a kid in a candy shop! So let go of any “rules” you may have adhered to in the past. Play around with texture, different styles and bold looks. Give serious thought to expensive investment pieces, but, beyond that let your hair down and get playful! That’s ½ the fun!

Special thanks to the warm and wonderful team over at Plum Goose for letting us film in your terrific store! We’ll be back soon! (*This post was not sponsored)