Thanksgiving is a fun and festive holiday that can, unfortunately, be accompanied by tons of stress. Juggling dinner preparation, travel headaches or entertaining house guests can weigh heavily on even the most skilled domestic diva’s (or divo’s) shoulders. But don’t fret! We’re here to offer up a few  tips on how to stress less this Thanksgiving.

Avoid Gridlock and Grumpiness

Hitting the road for Turkey Day? Don’t wait til morning to get going. Some travel experts suggest changing your departure times and begin driving at night. You’ll be sharing the road with fewer travelers, dealing with far less traffic and if your riding with little ones, they’re likely to be napping for most of the trip. This may spare you a few “Are we there yet?” questions. That’s priceless!stress-less-2

Host An Nontraditional Thanksgiving

If your Nanna’s famous recipes look a little too tough to try, think outside the box. Turn Turkey Day into a Potluck dinner and ask all of your invited friends or family to bring a dish or beverage. Or you could reach out to your favorite local eateries and order a few side dishes or entrees to serve your guests. Swap out that slow roasted turkey for a few rotisserie chickens. Maybe skip the poultry main course all together and try crowd pleasing vegetarian dishes like the ones we found on We posted a seasonal piece that shows you how to host the perfect Friendsgiving. So, if hosting family proves to be difficult or logistically impossible, lean on your friends or community and create new traditions. Don’t feel bound to ideals you see all over television. The holidays are what you make them! No matter what you serve or who sits at your table, be creative and make sure that joy is the goal.stress-less-3

Say “No!” To Talking Politics

We’re fresh off the heels of a very…Well, “LIVELY” election season. But declare your home or gathering place a ‘Politics Neutral’ zone! And have fun with your politics ban. Fine guests 25¢ each time they begin to engage in a political debate. Remember, this is a festive time for unity. So, put a pin in that political commentary and save it for another day. In the meantime, enjoy this skit from Saturday Night Live! It’ll probably give you a giggle before the big day!

Be Thankful

Through all the holiday hustle be sure to take stock and reflect on the many things for which you can be grateful. Being happy about where you are and what you have will help you stress less about all of the moving parts that come with coordinating a holiday get together. Keep in mind why we celebrate this special day and give thanks. Also, when you feel things becoming too stressful, remember to keep things simple. If the turkey doesn’t turn out perfectly, take a deep breath and create a fun and easy “Plan B” and roll with it (a la the final scene in The Christmas Story). Taking care of yourself is more important than showcasing perfection.